Pre-departure Thoughts...

This time, the nature of the project is pretty different from my previous attempt.

I guess the one at Bhutan was a bold one, having to leave the country for a year and be immersed in another community. Moreover, the 'entry point' to the project was somehow halfway and it's all... part of what's planned for in the project.

This time, the role and scope differ - the 'entry point' is closer to the 'start' of the project. Certainly, the amount of planning and thoughts to put into also differ. The Feasibility Study is something new to me. In fact, in layman term, it's to "recee" the place - more than the place, but to understand the needs, the situation and put forth observation and recommendation. This decides which path the project will undertake... going to materialise or not, progress as expected or different strategies to be suggested for the partnership.

This is going to be a brand new experience again. Look forward learning new things and getting the opportunity to apply what I learn...

My post-journey reflections...

The Programme

09 June 2007 (Saturday)
  • arrived @ Bangalore Airport at around 10 pm
10 June 2007 (Sunday)
  • recee around the city
11 June 2007 (Monday)
  • IIS: Discussion on the Feasibility Study

  • IIS: Tour around the school

  • School Visit: Sardal Vallaibai Patel School, Sarjapur (I) Discussion with Teachers
12 June 2007 (Tuesday)
  • IIS: Discussion
  • School Visit: Handenahalli School
  • School Visit: Sardal Vallaibai Patel School, Sarjapur (II) Lesson Visit
13 June 2007 (Wednesday)
  • IIS: Discussion with ISS Teachers and/or Heads of Department
  • Presentation of Proposed Programme
  • Depart for Singapore

@ Indus International School

The school runs the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. It has classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

@ IIS - My Inter-Disciplinary Portfolio

The little girl shared with us the artefacts kept in her portfolio. It includes worksheets for writing, colouring and simple arithmetic.
Notice how the child is encouraged? Take a closer look at the green label on the worksheet on left - It's "Teacher's Choice"!

@ IIS - Let's Acknowledge and Celebrate

At the end of the semester, pupils vote their classmates, based on their observation. Some are voted as Risk Taker, Communicator, Thinker, being Caring, being Principled, being Knowledgeable... Wah! What a way to bring out one's strengths and celebrate... Hey, wait a minute - er... Is the Communicator the most talkative in class? hahaha...

@ IIS - Art Speaks

@ IIS - Art Pieces: The Journey

an installation by Imrah Fathima, student of IIS
My Interpretation
The installation has cleverly depicted the journey of one - since birth.
I think, white signifies purity and innocence. The life journey bound to have thorns and sharp edges (in this case, broken pieces of glass) along the way. It depends on how we manage to avoid them, or at times we were cut by them. However, notice that the chickens in the installation remain white throughout... why?

@ IIS - Art Pieces: The Puppets

@ IIS - Guess who's behind the door?

@ IIS - Art Pieces: The Morning

This picture reminds me of the 'Truman Show' (by Jim Carrey).
Look at the background - it's a huge backdrop! It's a mix of reality and make-belief. Clever, right? Nevertheless, I like the colourful sky :D
It's the summer sun. It's autumn time. Look at the leaves! Aren't they non-proportionate to the rest in the picture?

@ IIS - Art Pieces: Evening-Night

The night seems cool... with the clouds and snow on the tree?
Notice the artist used the same approach in this piece of work?
It's the same house as the other art piece? Look, the windows are litted up?

@ IIS - Art Pieces: Way In (I)

Work by Janvi Bavaria, student in IIS.
My Interpretation
This is pretty interesting - it's the shadow that captures my attention. There, it's a door frame. But what's outside? It's the sea! It's sunshine. What can we find out there? Sunshine, Calm & Peace.
So, where's the source of the shadow? Where it's heading? Returning to the room? Heading towards the sea?

@ Vallabhai Patel - Outdoor Classroom

Vallabhai Patel is a semi-government school that offers classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12 (ie. College).

It's already 3+ in the afternoon. This group of girls are having their lesson at the ground.

Hey, all of them have long hair! They use the same colour ribbon (that goes along with the trousers)! Hm... forget to ask if it's part of the uniform :P

@ Vallabhai Patel - The ICT Class

There are 13 PCs in this lab.
While half of the class attends the ICT class, the rest attend another subject lesson.

Pupils attending their first ICT class in the new academic year. They recall what they learnt in Grade 8, ie. the use of Paint program to draw and colour.

@ Vallabhai Patel - Taking a Break

The girls just have their lunch, under the shade.

The girls were excited over the fact they were 'captured' in the digital photo.

@ Vallabhai Patel - Returning to Class

Pupils returning to class after lunch.

@ Vallabhai Patel - After Class

Cleaning up the environment is everybody's responsibility.

The boys were very excited over the digital photo-taking.

@ Handenahalli - The School

This government village school offers classes from Grade1 to Grade 8.
It runs 8 classes with 2 teachers.

This building houses 2 classes. Notice the shoes outside the classroom? Yes, pupils move around bare-footed in the classroom and along the corridor.

At the end of this block is the kitchen that prepares lunch for all pupils in the school. In fact, this is also one of the incentives to draw pupils to attend school.

@ Handenahalli - The Playground

The see-saw, the swing and the slide.
They look so 'distant' from us...
On the other hand, they brought joy to schooling, joy to childhood of these village children.

@ Handenahalli - The Class

In a typical classroom, the boys and girls sit separately. Each bench will accommodate 3 children.

@ Handenahalli - The Class

@ Handenahalli - The Classroom

@ Handenahalli - Reading what's copied

@ Handenahalli - Every Inch on the wall holds knowledge

Reading lesson in a junior class

@ Handenahalli - Reading class (in Kannada)

2 girls taking over the Reading Class of a junior class from the teacher.

@ Handenahalli - I wish...

@ Handenahalli - Through the eyes...